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Skule™ Lunch & Learn: Solar Fuels and the Future of Renewable Energy @ Galbraith Building, GB202
Nov 8 @ 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm

Phil De Luna head shotWhat if you could take carbon dioxide and turn it into fuels and feedstocks using only solar energy and water? What if you could recycle the emissions from power plants? These are the questions we are trying to address here at the University of Toronto, and we are getting close to a viable answer.

This talk will cover an overview of solar fuels, the market promise of solar fuels and the Carbon XPrize — a $20-million competition for the team that can capture and convert the most CO².

Join us for lunch to hear Phil De Luna (MSE PhD Candidate) speak about the fundamentals of transmission-line metamaterials and related structures such as the Huygens’ metasurface.

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