Alumni Reunion

U of T Engineering Spring Reunion banner

Alumni Reunion 2018

Wednesday, May 30 – Sunday, June 3

This year, we’re celebrating graduating class years ending in 3 or 8. We look forward to seeing you back on campus!

Schedule coming soon…

Skule™ Reunion Giving Challenge

It’s not about dollars raised (although that’s important, too!) – it’s about class participation. We’re challenging all of our alumni in classes that end in 3 or 8 to make a gift in honour of their reunion year and help reach a participation rate of 5%.

Although the goal is shared among all honoured-year alumni, U of T Engineering will recognize classes for:

  • Highest participation rate
  • Highest U of T Alumni Reunion attendance rate
  • Leadership for most Skule™ Society members ($1,000+)

All monies raised during the Skule™ Reunion Giving Challenge:

  • Support student scholarships that allow U of T Engineering to compete for the best and brightest future engineers and allow them to graduate with as little debt as possible;
  • Help us provide funding for student clubs and other extra-curricular activities, helping students build soft skills, interests and relationships that last long after graduation;
  • Provide unparalleled leadership and career service programs, who are facing the most competitive job market in decades.

To put this into perspective, the graduating class of 2017 had a participation rate of 33% during their Graditude campaign. Let’s make our students proud – and show your fellow Skule™ alumni that giving back matters – accept the Skule™ Reunion Giving Challenge today.


Every Gift Counts

Your participation matters. U of T Engineering’s campaigns and challenges reinforce the strong sense of community that exists among our alumni. Whether you give $20.18 a month or $2,018, your funds can be directed towards your department, Skule™ Fund for Education (student clubs), the Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship, the Skule™ Annual Fund which provides student scholarships and other important programming, or another Skule™ program close to your heart. You can also direct your donation to an existing class scholarship or establish a new one. Please contact us with questions regarding your gift.

Skule Reunion Giving Leaderboard

194375th$4,000.00 2.44%
194870th$3,400.00 1.96%
195365th$2,425.00 3.36%
195860th$407,792.00 4.77%
196355th$6,427.73 4.94%
196850th$8,700.00 4.21%
197345th$9,020.00 2.07%
197840th$5,014,782.00 2.89%
198335th$16,224.12 2.72%
198830th$63,997.32 2.32%
199325th$1,220.00 1.09%
199820th$28,080.00 0.46%
200315th$1,130.00 0.32%
200810th$600.00 0.47%
20135th$328.00 0.58%
Overall$5,568,126.17 2.31%

Class totals count all gifts to the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering including multi-year pledges made within the reunion year (between May 1, 2017, and June 3, 2018).

Become a Skule™ Ambassador

Skule™ Ambassadors are essential to keeping your class connected with Skule™. We are looking for alumni volunteers who keep in touch with their classmates and are willing to act as spokespeople for their graduating class. Skule™ Ambassadors work closely with the Alumni Relations team to suggest possible activities for reunion, contact members of their class and encourage their classmates to support the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering.

If you are interested in volunteering as a Skule™ Ambassador, please contact Steve Radbourn at or 416-978-4274.