Hall of Distinction

The Hall of Distinction is an assembly of extraordinary alumni, selected for membership by their peers for their lifelong accomplishments. These are graduates whose performances have ultimately defined what is most exemplary in our graduates and in our profession. The careers of the members stand as examples and add a sense of reality to the aspirations of successive generations of Engineering students. Located in the Sandford Fleming Building, the Hall of Distinction is a familiar daily presence in the lives of students and is often visited by alumni and their families.

Nominating Skule™ alumni for the Engineering Hall of Distinction, is now easier than ever:

How to Nominate

  • Submit a copy of the candidate’s CV and 2 to 3 reference letters to eanawards@ecf.utoronto.ca
  • If a candidate does not have a CV, please contact Steve Radbourn at steve.radbourn@ecf.utoronto.ca in the Office of Advancement for a simplified resume evidence form and sample letters of reference.