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Enjoy the Journey

Name: Anthea Tang | Program: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering | Graduation Year: 0T5 | I thought I needed to know exactly how my career would map out as I was... Read more »

Now is ALWAYS the best time to start something…

Name: Manlio Staropoli | Program: Industrial Engineering | Graduation Year: 9T2 | Congratulations on your great achievement! The saying goes that “If I knew then what I know now”… I... Read more »

Know yourself

Name: Ian Po | Program: Engineering Science | Graduation Year: 8T1 | Dear Graduates: As you embark upon a new chapter of your life, approach it with enthusiasm, hope and... Read more »


Name: Rick Ross | Program: Industrial Engineering | Graduation Year: 6T6 | Everyone graduates in a specific engineering discipline. Just remember that 50% of all engineers practice in a field... Read more »

Road to Real Success

Name: Brian Gaston | Program: Civil | Graduation Year: 7T8 | If I knew then what I know now, I would work to keep my younger self’s ego in check.... Read more »

Wishing you many successes

Name: Jeff Vella | Program: Computer Engineering | Graduation Year: 9T5 PEY | Congratulations on your graduation! I am sure that you had a great experience at Skule and will... Read more »

Skulemates really last a lifetime

Name: Stan Gasner | Program: Indy (MIE) | Graduation Year: 6T4 | To the grad class of 2020, I sincerely wish all the best to the class of 2020 from... Read more »

Get yourself well connected

Name: Kit Chau | Program: EngSci | Graduation Year: 9T4 | There are all sort of problems outside the real world that we need to handle. It would be nice... Read more »


Name: Dennis Nabieszko | Program: Engineering | Graduation Year: 7T5 | To be successful, you need to build relationships with others. You get things done through others. You do things... Read more »

Values and Resilience

Name: Andrea Stojcevski | Program: Chemical | Graduation Year: 8T8 | Dear graduate, As you start your future career path, it is important to know that you will face many... Read more »

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