Committees & Task Forces

If you’re interested in making an impact on student recruitment and outreach, quality of life within the Faculty community, policy related to any academic awards, and the promotion of improved teaching methods and resources, there are a variety of committees and task forces that require volunteer contributions from alumni.

Please contact Sonia De Buglio, Director of Alumni Relations, with inquiries.

Faculty Council
Council is the highest decision-making body in the Faculty, with the power and duty to approve academic policy, principles and priorities, to establish the general direction of the Faculty’s teaching and research activities, and to serve as an advisory body to the University administration and other bodies, internal and external to the University. There are currently spaces for 14 alumni representatives on Council for the 2017-2018 academic year.

The deadline to submit nominations is August 31, 2017.

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The following committees are not currently accepting applications:

Community Affairs and Gender Issues Committee
The Community Affairs and Gender Issues Committee seeks to improve and to recommend on strategies related to student recruitment and outreach and quality of life within the Faculty community, including such matters as the student experience, gender issues, diversity, safety and security, and personal conduct.

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Scholarships and Awards Committee
The Scholarships and Awards Committee administers the undergraduate academic awards and grants under the jurisdiction of the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering. The committee also reviews policy related to any academic awards under the jurisdiction of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, including the recommendation of the terms for any new award.

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Teaching Methods and Resources Committee
The Teaching Methods and Resources Committee serves as an advisory and coordinating body concerned with the promotion of improved teaching methods, the quality of teaching resources, the effectiveness of teaching aids, and the general delivery of the undergraduate academic programs in the Faculty. The committee also identifies and promotes advances in methods of evaluating and rewarding teaching effectiveness, and initiates, supports and encourages innovative teaching projects.

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