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Each year, the Engineering Career Centre (ECC) helps employers fill internships and other openings by matching them with students who are ready to put their skills to work.

Whatever the job (big or small, short or lengthy), the ECC can help employers like you regenerate your workforce by introducing you to future Engineering leaders. The Centre’s services help your business or organization by giving you access to leading-edge and best-in-class staff.

Programs run through the Centre include:

PEY Program (Professional Experience Year Internship Program):

  • PEY is the largest internship program in Canada and has been in existence since 1979.
  • They are open to 2nd and 3rd year students who meet eligibility requirements
  • Visit engineeringcareers.utoronto.ca for more information.

TCD Program (Transportation Career Development Program):

  • The TCD Program is open to engineering students in year one of the Civil Engineering Program.
  • In partnership with the Ministry of Transportation, large-size engineering consulting firms and small-size contractors, Civil Engineering students secure internships in each of these sectors on a rotation basis for three consecutive summers before graduating.
  • Visit engineeringcareers.utoronto.ca for more information.

eSIP Program (Engineering Summer Internship Program):

  • The eSIP Program is a paid summer co-op program available to second- and third-year students, including engineering international students.
  • eSip serves as an introductory career development program for students  through interactive workshops and individual counselling appointments.
  • Students learn the concepts and acquire the tools to prepare them for the workplace.  The majority of applicants are in their second year of study — a time when eSIP holds particular value in preparing them to be competitive for future opportunities such as the intensive model of the PEY internship.
  • Visit engineeringcareers.utoronto.ca for more information.

The You’re Next Career Network:

The You’re Next Career Network strives to develop the relationship between students, industry professionals, organizations, alumni and the faculty. As the information technology (IT) and engineering career development hub at the University of Toronto, this program helps students to realize their career potentials and provide them with opportunities for employer student interactions. Our year long events help students develop their skills, network and gain access to job opportunities.

Become explore opportunities to recruit talent through the YNCN ”I’m an Employer” page.

For more information and to sign up, please visit yourenext.ca.

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