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The Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering is grateful for the support and counsel of dedicated volunteers. These leaders give generously of their time and remarkable expertise to enhance advancement activities across the Faculty, including alumni relations and development. We thank them for their time and service.

Thinking about becoming a volunteer at U of T Engineering? View our comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities.

Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering Campaign Executive

Paul Cadario (CivE 7T3, Honorary Doctorate 1T3)
Bill Daniel (MinE 4T7)
Claire Kennedy (ChemE 8T9)
Anthony Lacavera (CompE 9T7)
Dusan Miklas (CivE 5T3)
Frank Milligan (MechE 4T8)
Michael McSorley
George Myhal (IndE 7T8)
Greg Osadetz (IndE 7T8)
Gerrard Schmid (AeroE MASc 8T2)
Francis Shen (EngSci 8T1, AeroE MASc 8T3)
Richard Venn (EngSci 7T3)
John Weber (MechE 7T9)

University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) Board of Advisors


Dan Breitman (AeroE MASc 7T9)
Allan Carswell (EngSci 5T6)
Barry French (ChemE 5T5, AeroE PhD 6T2)
Scott Goobie
Rocco Martino (AeroE PhD 5T6)
Cameron Ower (MechE 8T3, MASc 8T6)
Christian Sallaberger (Aero PhD 9T3)
Francis Shen (EngSci 8T1, AeroE MASc 8T3)
Rod Williams (EngSci 8T4, AeroE MASc 8T8)

Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry (ChemE) Board of Advisors


John Bianchini (ChemE 8T5)
Elaine Campbell (ChemE 8T0)
Michael Charles (Professor Emeritus, ChemE)
Ted Cross (ChemE 5T7)
Constantine Karayannopoulos (ChemE 8T3, MASc 8T8)
Claire Kennedy (ChemE 8T9)
Michael May (ChemE 9T1, PhD 9T8)
Jeanette Southwood (ChemE 8T6, MASc 8T8)
William (Bill) Troost (ChemE 6T7)
Daryl Wilson, Chair (ChemE 8T2)

Department of Civil Engineering (CivE) Board of Advisors


Paul Cadario (CivE 7T3, Honorary Doctorate 1T3)
Nick Caccavella (CivE 8T6, MASc 8T9)
Peter Hallsall (ElecE 6T2)
John Walcher (CivE 7T9)
Suneet Tuli (CivE 9T0)
Mazen Hassounah (CivE MASc 8T8, PhD 9T2)

The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) Board of Advisors


Alan Boyce (ElecE 7T8)
John East (Non-Grad)
Alexander Grbic (CompE 9T4, MASc 9T6, PhD 0T3)
Catherine Lacavera (CompE 9T7)
Natasha Lala (CompE 9T8)
Alexander Shubat (ElecE 8T3, MASc 8T5)
Robert Stelzer (MechE 7T4)

Division of Engineering Science (EngSci) Board of Advisors


George Babu (EngSci 0T0)
Raffaelo D’Andrea (EngSci 9T1)
Laura Fujino
Stephen Georgas (EngSci 7T1)
Joe Molnar (EngSci 7T2)
Kenneth Carless Smith (EngPhys 5T4, ElecE MASc 5T6, ElecE PhD 6T0)
Ravi Thursaisingham (EngSci 8T8, ChemE MASc 9T4)
Avanindra Utukuri (EngSci 9T6)

Lassonde Institute of Mining Board of Advisors


Teo Dechev (GeoE 9T6)
Pierre Lassonde (Honorary Doctorate 0T1)
Sam Marcuson
Peter MacPhail (GeoE 8T5)
Michael McSorley (BA 7T4)
Paul Tomory (CivE 9T5, MASc 9T7)
Bert Wasmund (ChemE PhD 6T6, Honorary Doctorate 1T2)

Department of Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) Board of Advisors


Sankar Das Gupta
Allan Kupcis (EngSci 6T6, MSE MASc 6T8, PhD 7T1)
Bill Wallace (MMS 5T6)

Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering (MIE) Board of Advisors


Anton E. Davies (MechE 7T2, MASc MIE 7T4, Phd MIE 7T7)
Ronald A Factor (IndE 7T0)
Carlos Menenzes (IndE 9T3)
Ted Robertson (MechE 7T1, MEng MIE 7T7)
Som Seif (IndE 9T9)
John Weber (Chair) (MechE 7T9)
Thomas Woods (IndE 7T5)

Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering (MIE) Industry Board


Rick Huijbregts
Ted Maulucci (MechE 8T9)
Cameron Ower (MechE 8T3, MIE MASc 8T6)
David Poirier (IndE 8T1)
Eswar Prasad
Bob Stelzer (MechE 7T4, MASc MechE 7T5, MBA 8T2)

Troost Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering (Troost ILead) Board of Advisors


Shakil Choudhury
David Colcleugh (ChemE 5T9, MASc 6T0, Chemistry PhD 6T2)
Sanjay Malaviya
Elizabeth Mills
Emily Moore
Bill Troost (ChemE 6T7)

Engineering Alumni Network (EAN)

Elias Kyriacou, President (ChemE 7T6)
Teo Dechev (MinE 9T6)
Paul Graham (MechE 0T3)
Wayne Lin (IndE 1T2)
Scott MacKendrick (ChemE 8T2)
Michael O’Dwyer (ChemE 8T4)
Vesna Gmazel (ChemE 8T9)
Michael Bosompra (MechE 1T0)

Skule Society Executive Committee

Sohayla Praysner, Chair (ElecE 8T6)
Arun Channan (CivE 8T0)
Ramy Ghattas (MechE 0T9)
Lauri Hiivala (ElecE 6T5)
Laila Paszti (ChemE 9T6)
Heather Tippin (CivE 8T5)

BizSkule Committee

Claire Kennedy, Chair (ChemE 8T9)
Yuri Lawryshyn (MechE 8T9, MASc 9T3, ChemE PhD 9T7)
David Reese (IndE 9T1, MASc 9T4, PhD 9T7)
Arshia Tabrizi (CompE 9T5)
Eric Matusiak (MechE 9T1)

EAN Honours & Awards Committee

Doug Reeve, Chair (ChemE MASc 6T9, PhD 7T1)
Elias Kyriacou (ChemE 7T6)
Eric Matusiak (MechE 9T1)
John Walker (MechE 8T2, MASc 8T6)
Barry Westhead (ElecE 7T1)
Diana Facchini (MSE 0T2, MASc 0T5)
John Voss (ChemE 8T2)
Tahir Janmohamed (CompE 0T6)

EAN Calgary Chapter

Ross Pitman (MinE 7T4)
Zeeshan Ahmed (ChemE 0T8)
Biana Portoraro (CivE 1T2)
Michael Chai (EngSci 1T3+PEY)
Narmeen Haq (ChemE 0T8)
Paul Johnston (ChemE 6T6)
Saif Khan (ChemE 0T8)
Ashar Sayeed (ChemE 0T9)
Quin Thomson (EngSci 0T7, AeroE MASc 0T8)
Dan Wickramasinghe (ChemE 0T9, MASc 1T1)

EAN Hong Kong Chapter

Emmy Choi (ElecE 9T5)
Ernest Tai (ElecE 9T4)
Henry Cheung (EngSci 8T5)
Sarah Mak (IndE 8T6)
Wong Wu Ming (EngSci 8T6)
Stephen Sze (ChemE 9T5)
Andrew Sit (EngSci 9T6)
John Lo (ChemE 9T1 + PEY)

Indonesia Campaign Committee

Aris Utama, Chair (IndE 0T2)
William Ali (ElecE 0T4)
Samuel Handoko (IndE 0T5)
Michael Mulyanto (MechE 0T4)
Arno Tze (IndE 0T5)

Singapore-Malaysia Campaign Committee

C.K. Chang (Chair) (MechE Meng 6T8)
Robert Chen (MechE 7T4)
Er Kwong Wah (ElecE 7T0)
Michael Goutama (CivE 8T6, MASc 8T8, PhD 9T3)
Koh Yong Guan (MechE 7T0, MASc 7T2 Honorary Doctorate 1T1)
Ming Seong Lim (MechE 7T0 )
Evelyn Wong (BSc 7T2)

EAN San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

Yuri Sagalov (EngSci 0T9)
Angela Tran (EngSci 0T5, ChemE MASc 0T7)
Kazem Kutob
Victor Zhang
Sam Vafee (ElecE 0T9)

South Korea Alumni Chapter

Alex (JungKyun) You, Chair (MechE 0T1)
Jaeyoung Choi (MechE 0T8)
Ryan (Seh Yong) Oh (IndE 0T4)
Kyu Kim (MechE 1T0)
Peter (Pansoo) Kim (ElecE 0T3)
Yoonho Kim (CivE 0T5)

Taiwan Campaign Committee

James Tai (Chair) (CivE 6T8)
Solomon Chang (IndE 9T7)
Caroline Chen (CompE 9T9)
Jeffrey Hsu (MechE 9T8)
Andrew Kuo (MechE 8T5)
Michael Lee (IndE 7T4)
Jack Liang (EngSci 1T0)
Jessica Liao (EngSci 0T3)
Albert Wang

University of Toronto Alumni Association Officers

Scott Mackendrick (ChemE 8T2)
Ines Lucia Fernandez Valdivieso (IndE 1T0)

University of Toronto College of Electors

Scott Mackendrick, Chair (ChemE 8T2)
Stan Gasner (IndE 6T4)
Paul Malozewski (ElecE 8T3)
Mathew Szeto (CompE 0T4)

University of Toronto Governing Council

Claire Kennedy (ChemE 8T9)
David Bowden (IndE 7T9)
Keith Thomas (MechE 8T7)

Faculty Council Standing Committee on Community Affairs & Gender Issues

Linda Drisdelle (ChemE 8T5)

Faculty Council Standing Committee on Scholarship & Awards

Ewing Rae (MechE 5T8)

Faculty Council Standing Committee on Teaching Methods & Resources

Siamak Sarvari (ElecE MASc 1T0)

Young Alumni Board

Iyiope Jibodu (ChemE 0T9)
Nickolas Lim (MIE 0T4)
Alvin Mok (EngSci 0T3)
Somen Mondal (ECE 0T2)
Sepehr Seyedi (EngSci 0T3)

Alumni Mentorship Committee

Michael Bosompra (MechE 0T9 + PEY)
David Cheung (CivE 1T1 + PEY)
Wayne Lin (IndE 1T1 + PEY)
Chris Zhu (Year 3 IndE)

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