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Enjoy the lifelong perks and exclusive benefits that come with being a U of T alum — from career development and online networking opportunities, to exclusive discounts and resources for living well. Visit to learn more!

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Free U of T Engineering CONNECT Membership

Thousands of engineering alumni are actively willing to help and stay connected with you. It is easy to find them online by joining the membership, or updating your existing profile within U of T Engineering CONNECT,  Make industry connections, browse job postings and access exclusive resources. How-to videos:  search and reach out through the DIRECTORY and CONNECT by expanding your circle of associates. Post or find JOBS on platform, browse or post EVENTS, share or read through the FEED, update your PROFILE and so much more.

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U of T Career Services for new graduates.

Click HERE to read the Professional Engineers of Ontario letter to 2022 graduates from the Professional Engineers of Ontario.


Convocation ceremony

Are you interested in reliving your June 16th, 2022 convocation ceremony?  Please click here to watch the convocation live stream!

Other information and FAQs from the Convocation Office are at: or visit this FAQ page about diplomas and general information.

To keep the celebrations going, tag the Faculty in a photo or video (@uoftengineering and #UofTGrad22)!

Email address

When will my student email address switch to an alumni.utoronto email address?

You will not need to sign up – it will happen automatically, which is the good news. Central U of T manages the transition.  Read their website here.  Segments of their explanation include:

  • When you graduate, a free account is automatically created using the same name as your student address. You then enter a two-year transition period that gives you the opportunity to phase out your student email address and alert your contacts of your new alumni email address. Your login, password, inbox and contacts remain unchanged.
  • Incoming Mail: Continue to log in as usual. Within two months of your graduation, your address will automatically become active. In your inbox, you will receive messages sent to both and for two years.
  • Outgoing Mail: Messages are sent using your address until the University verifies that you are not returning for additional study, which may take up to six months. When this has been done, you will receive a notice and messages will be sent using your address.

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