Engineering Alumni Network

Engineering Alumni Network Honorary Member

Acknowledges the exceptional contributions of an individual who is not a member of the EAN but has contributed in a very significant way to bettering the Faculty, the EAN and/or the lives of current or future members of the EAN.

Nominating a friend of the Faculty to become an Honourary EAN Member, is now easier than ever:

How to Nominate

  • Submit the EAN Awards Nomination Form found here
  • Submit the candidate's CV and 2-3 Letters of Support to
    • Please use subject line: EAN 2023 – Nominees First and Last Name

Additional Notes: Self-nominations are accepted; however, Letters of Support cannot come from the nominee. If a candidate does not have a CV, please feel free to use the Resume Replacement Form located here. Please remember to keep to a maximum four pages in length.

For tips and suggestions on writing letters of support, please click here.

Engineering Alumni Network Honorary Members

YearHonorary Member
1995Charles, Michael E.
2006Lassonde, Pierre
2015Venter, Ronald D.
2017Currie, Iain
2019Fujino, Laura C.
2020Amon, Cristina