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L.E. (Ted) Jones Award of Distinction

The L.E. Jones Award is presented to a graduating student in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering who made a significant contribution in the arts, either within Skule or externally, during their time at the University.

The Award was established to acknowledge the contributions of L.E. (Ted) Jones, Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering, over his long and distinguished career, to students, alumni and the Faculty, as well as his continuing support and dedication to the Engineering Society and the Engineering Alumni Association of the University of Toronto. The Award endorses Ted’s great appreciation of the arts and his love of music in particular.

Nominating Skule™ alumni for the L.E. (Ted) Jones Award of Distinction, is now easier than ever:

How to Nominate

  • Submit the EAN Awards Nomination Form found here
  • Submit the candidate's CV and 2-3 Letters of Support to
    • Please use subject line: EAN 2023 – Nominees First and Last Name

Additional Notes: Self-nominations are accepted; however, Letters of Support cannot come from the nominee. If a candidate does not have a CV, please feel free to use the Resume Replacement Form located here. Please remember to keep to a maximum four pages in length. For tips and suggestions on writing letters of support, please click here.

The 2023 L.E. Jones Award nominations deadline is February 6th, 2023.

L.E. (Ted) Jones Award of Distinction Winners

Elect. yearCandidateDegreeDiscipline
1997Bayrakdarian, Isabel
1998Pegoraro, Lucy
1999Mills, Trevor
2000Edwards, Anna
2001Quan, Vivian
2002Siegal, Dan
2003Lin, Gina
2004Grossman, Adam
2005Ho, Andrea
2006Wesley, Luke
2005 + PEYMechE
2007Lee, David
2007Roscoe, Christopher
2008Castelino, Rachel
2008 + PEYChemE
2008Rutt, David
2009Ariza, Alessandro
2009Jeffrey, Mark
2009 + PEYEngSci
2010Siu, Geoffrey
2009 + PEYEngSci
2011Choi, Wayne
2012Oldham, Andrew
2011 + PEYMechE
2012Sun, Jonathan
2011 + PEYEngSci
2013Alafriz, Ryan2012 + PEYIndE
2013Kathirchelvan, Thineshan2012 + PEYEngSci
2014Sun, Christopher
2013 + PEYEngSci
2015Casciato, Luca2015MechE
2015Monri, Haruna2014 + PEYCivE
2016Gan, Fionna2016EngSci
2017Kuan, Allan2014+PEYEngSci
2017Perelgut, Alex2016+PEYEngSci
2018Cabanilla, Reena2018ChemE
2019Bazzocchi, Robert2019EngSci
2019Sexton, Emma2019IndE
2020Sohn, Kate2019+PEYEngSci
2021Kokoska, Dana2021ElecE