Enjoy what you are doing!

Name: Sholem Prasow | Program: Eng Sci | Graduation Year: 6T7 |

1. Learn the Fundamentals

I can’t even remember what course I learned about Fourier Transforms… half a century ago.

I can remember the last time I needed to know about them — that was 10 minutes ago when I needed to confirm that a Deep Learning technique could be helpful in determining whether harmonics or sub-harmonics measurable on or in the body could be useful in predicting cardiovascular incidents.

So as you sit in class or work on a project, what is not likely to change quickly, and focus on that.

2. Practice what you’ve learned every day.

Identify one thing every day that you would like to improve in a way that is not obvious. And don’t stop.

And, of course, enjoy what you are doing!