Enabling Renewable Energy: Green Fuel for Clean Cars


Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Time: 12-2:45 p.m
Location: Toronto Plaza Hotel
Cost: $30


Join us for lunch and learn more about green fuels for clean cars. Professor Aimy Bazylak (MIE) will discuss her team’s techniques for analyzing the three-dimensional structure of the proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell, electrolyzer gas diffusion layers (GDL) and microporous layers (MPL). Professor Bazylak will also discuss how her team combines experimental and numerical approaches to inform the design of next-generation porous materials for advanced performance.

Guest Speaker

Aimy BazylakProfessor Aimy Bazylak (MIE)
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Professor Aimy Bazylak (MIE) earned a BASc in engineering physics from the University of Saskatchewan and an MASc in mechanical engineering from the University of Victoria, where she specialized in modelling microfluidic fuel cells. She then obtained her PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Victoria where she specialized in multiphase flows in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells for clean energy. In 2008, Bazylak joined the Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto as an assistant professor. She is currently an associate professor and holds a Tier II Canada Research Chair in Thermofluidics for Clean Energy.

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