3T5, 5T3 and 5T6 Engineering Student Awards Lunch

Skule™ Lunch & Learn March 2017


Date: Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Time: 12-2:45 p.m
Location: Toronto Plaza Hotel
Cost: $30


Join us for the next Skule™ Lunch & Learn to celebrate three exceptional U of T Engineering students as they receive prestigious awards generously provided by the classes of 3T5, 5T3 and 5T6.

Class of 3T5 Second Mile Award

The Class of 3T5 has been awarding outstanding students with the Second Mile Award since 1945. The name is based on the biblical text, “Whosoever shall compel three to go one mile, go with him twain.” The second mile is the voluntary mile. The award is presented to a student in final year who has engaged in second-mile activities throughout his or her education.

Class of 5T3 Engineering Award

Established in 2003, the Class of 5T3 Engineering Award is given to a third-year engineering student who has demonstrated qualities of character and leadership both within U of T and the community at large.

Class of 5T6 Award of Merit

The Class of 5T6 Award of Merit was established in 1993 and is presented to a student who completed first year from any undergraduate engineering program. The recipient has demonstrated high achievement in co-curricular activities either within U of T or the community at large.

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