Alumni Mentorship Program

Alumni Mentorship Program

Each year since 2005, this popular program fosters valuable relationships between Skule™ alumni and students. Mentors share their knowledge and experience and provide students with the encouragement and insights they need to get a great start to their careers and begin to set a course for the future. They enhance students’ educational experience and give back to their alma mater in a unique and rewarding way. They often also learn from their bright young student mentees as they help them navigate important decisions at a critical time in their lives.

The program is open to third- and fourth-year students (including PEY participants) and alumni who graduated more than one year ago. Matches meet at the program’s kick-off event held at the beginning of the fall semester. From October through March, mentors and mentees connect informally as they wish, and all matches gather at several program events planned throughout the year.

2016-2017 Alumni Mentorship Program student registration is now open!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some best practices for kicking off a good mentorship?

We encourage all pairings to use the first meeting to introduce one another and discuss their own expectations of the program. Potential initial discussions can cover the frequency of touchpoints, location/format of touchpoints, topics of interest and boundaries of conversation/relationship (comfort discussing politics, religion, etc.).

What topics should we discuss?

This is at the discretion and judgement of each pair. If you are stuck, here are some topics to get you started:

  • Career interests/career paths
  •  Job searching (e.g., resume writing, interviews, etc.)
  • Life goals and passions
  • Post-undergrad education (MASc, MBA etc.)
  •  Skule now vs. then
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Comparing learning at school and learning in the workplace
  • Life hacks (e.g., time management, everyday tips etc.)

Can I build mentor relationships outside of my pairing?

Yes. We encourage mentors and mentees to network with other participants. However, we ask that you maintain a relationship with your match for at least the duration of the program.

Can first- or second-year students sign up for the program?

Yes. However, priority will be given to third- and fourth-year and PEY students. If you are interested in learning more about mentorship and building mentorship relationships, we encourage you to also look into programs within your department that pair first- and second-year students with upper-year students.

Alumni Mentorship Program Team

Chair – David Cheung (CivE 1T1 + PEY)
Faculty Liaison – Sonia De Buglio (Advancement Office)
EAA Representative – Michael Bosompra (MechE 0T9 + PEY)

Questions and general inquiries: Please contact David Cheung at

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