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Whether you are an alumnus, PhD candidate or current undergraduate student, U of T Engineering CONNECT is a gateway to enriching your professional and personal network.

By joining this robust online community, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Access a comprehensive directory of industry contacts
  • Discuss and share relevant news, events and Skule™ memories
  • Learn from or advise fellow graduates
  • Search the platform for new employees and job opportunities
  • Solve complex problems with other students and alumni
  • Stay up to date on your department

Sign up today by visiting uoftengineeringconnect.ca. It’s free, fast and easy, and you can use your existing Facebook, LinkedIn or email account to join.

61% of registered users in CONNECT are ''willing to help'' you!


We used U of T Engineering CONNECT to post an event listing for an Ontario Society of Professional Engineers job fair. In a short amount of time, we gained a remarkable number of registrations — even drawing interest from a number of non-members — which drastically expanded our reach.

– Chett Bradley, Ontario Society of Professional Engineers


The Chemical Engineering Graduate Students’ Association utilized U of T Engineering CONNECT to recruit alumni as leaders for a professional development event. We posted an announcement, searched the directory and made personal contact through the platform with those who specified their willingness to help in their profiles. We effectively recruited the industry professionals necessary to allow students to flourish at the event. Access to ChemE kin is enriching our student experience!

– Esmeralda Bukuroshi (ChemE PhD Candidate)

I joined U of T Engineering CONNECT to leverage the collective experience of eight decades of EngSci alumni, and to hire new talent for AeroFS. This exclusive online community offers a much better professional interaction than traditional social networks.

– Yuri Sagalov (EngSci 0T8 + PEY), Co-Founder & CEO, AeroFS


To learn more about U of T Engineering CONNECT or to share your feedback on our new online community, please contact:

Alain Latour
Senior Advancement Communications Officer, Advancement Communications