Volunteering your time and expertise is an easy way to make a difference in the life of a student and your alma mater’s vibrant community. We have many rewarding student-focused, Faculty-level and University-wide volunteer opportunities for alumni. Make a connection, share your experiences and inspire the next generation of engineers today. 

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At the heart of our community lies a diverse range of alumni whose invaluable contributions continue to shape the future of our Faculty. Alumni are invaluable to our success, each bringing a unique blend of talents, expertise and lived experiences to the table. We are thrilled to offer many volunteer opportunities that allow you to stay engaged, give back and make a lasting impact. Explore all the ways to inspire and empower the next generation of engineering leaders.

Nominations currently open
3 positions available

Seeking Alumni Volunteers for Faculty Council

Faculty Council sets and approves academic policy, principles, priorities, and the general direction for the teaching and research activities of the Faculty. Among its many roles and duties, Council establishes academic policies, establishes committee for council business, advises the Dean on academic matters and approves and regulated standards of admissions.

Nominations currently open
2 positions available

Serve on the U of T’s College of Electors

The College of Electors member serves as one of 48 alumni representing 26 constituent alumni associations of the University of Toronto Alumni Association (UTAA)

Serve as an Executive on the Engineering Alumni Network Board

The EAN Board support relationships amongst alumni, students and the Faculty and to help advance the priorities of alumni relations and the Engineering Alumni Network Board.

Become a Regional Ambassador

Connect with students and fellow alumni in your area. Interested in learning more? Contact Alumni Relations Officer, Oje Izirein oje.izirein@utoronto.ca

Mentor a Student

Alumni Mentors share their knowledge and experience and provide students with the encouragement and insights they need to get a great start to their careers

Become an Alumni Applicant Assessor

Alumni input enables the Faculty to extend offers of admission to talented future engineers.

Become a Class Ambassador

Skule™ Class Ambassadors are essential to keeping your class connected with U of T Engineering.

Serve on a U of T Alumni Committee

Since 1900, the UTAA has been committed to encouraging alumni participation in the life of the University of Toronto.

Hire a Current Student or New Graduate

Our students and new grads are always looking for great opportunities. To list an available opportunity or hire a student/new grad, visit our Engineering Career Centre website.

EAN Committees

The Engineering Alumni Network or EAN (formerly known as the Engineering Alumni Association) is the umbrella organization for over 50,000 alumni who are graduates of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto, (Faculty).

The Engineering Alumni Network Executive Board (Board) guides, and supports the relationships amongst alumni, students, and the Faculty in order to foster a vibrant (synergistic, nurturing, strong, cohesive, supportive, etc.) U of T Engineering Community. 

There are four committees of the Engineering Alumni Network whose objectives and existence help advance the priorities of alumni relations and the Engineering Alumni Network Board. 

Regional Ambassadors

U of T Engineering has over 56,000 alumni in more than 130 countries around the world. If you are looking to connect with our community, our Engineering Regional Ambassadors are here to help. Whether you’re an alumnus looking to meet fellow alumni in your area, or an interested student looking to meet others from your region, our Ambassadors are knowledgeable about both the Faculty and the community in your area.  

We are always looking for Ambassadors to help support our existing communities or expand into new areas. 

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Post and browse your own volunteer opportunities within the Jobs Board of U of T Engineering CONNECT. Select the ‘’Volunteer’’ category in your post.  Watch this how-to video to learn more about posting a role: How to Post or Find a Job on your Platform