Donor Recognition

Skule™ Friends

Our Skule™ Friends are our most committed and loyal donors who give back monthly to support our students. Monthly donors ensure that the Faculty has access to reliable resources to continue providing exceptional engineering education. As a Skule™ Friend, you will hear from us with event invitations, updates on how your gift is making a difference and you will receive special pair of Skule™ socks, our way of saying thanks for helping us put our best foot forward.

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Skule™ Society

All donors who contribute $1,000 or more become part of the Skule™ Society— a special leadership community of alumni and friends who empower students and researchers to reach their potential. Members benefit from a Skule™ lapel pin, event invitations and special opportunities. Skule™ Society donors can also choose to be recognized in public donor listings.  Our members also have a number of naming opportunities available to them such as named benches, tables or scholarships/awards.

Presidents’ Circle

If you make a gift of $1,827 or more annually, you will also become part of the University of Toronto’s Presidents' Circle — a unique recognition society for those donors whose commitment reflects the vision and leadership of the University’s past presidents. Members are invited to attend special lectures and events presented by the University’s most celebrated, insightful and inspiring professors. The Presidents’ Circle donor recognition listing can be viewed here.

King’s College Circle Heritage Society

This special society proudly recognizes supporters who have left a gift in their will for the University or named the University as a beneficiary of a life insurance or registered retirement fund. Our Advancement Team will work with you to explore legacy gift options and ensure that your wishes are met. Recognition includes a membership certificate to the King’s College Circle Heritage Societythe option of recognition in University donor listings and ongoing invitations to our annual recognition event and other exclusive campus and online activities.

Skule™ Benefactors

Philanthropists who contribute $25,000 or more enjoy many of the same benefits listed above as well as additional opportunities to connect with faculty members, researchers and other University and subject experts. Skule™ Benefactors may also be interested in exploring a tailor-made proposal aligned with their philanthropic goals and interests, as well as additional naming opportunities such as named funds, scholarships/awards, rooms, buildings, and more.

Thank you to our generous supporters

Skule™ Friends

Hasan Alkabeer, Chem 1T0
G. Allen, Chem 8T1, MASc Chem 8T3
Alexander T. Ariza, EngSci 0T9, MASc Civil 1T1
Pat Augurusa, Mech 9T3
Nadeene Blanchard-Martin
Justin Bowler, EngSci 9T3
Alan R. Boyce, Elec 7T8
John D. Boyd, EngSci 6T0
John E. Brown, Mech 5T0
Frank G. Bury, Materials 6T0
Markus Bussmann, PhD Mech & Ind 0T0
Kenneth W. Button, Mech 5T0
I D. Campbell, Mech 5T4
Ryan Matthew Campbell, EngSci 2T0
Michael Brandon Carter
Edward Chan, Elec 0T4, MASc 0T6
Lyndon Hin-Cheung Chan, Elec 1T7, MASc 0T2
Arun Channan, Civil 8T0
David J. Chin, Elec 7T2
Leighton A. Chong, Chem 9T4
David Colcleugh, Chem 5T9, MASc Chem 6T0
Mario Conetta, Civil 7T6
James A. Courtney, EngSci 6T6,
Francis P. Dawson, Elec 8T2, MASc Elec & Comp 8T6, PhD Elec & Comp 8T8
Sonia De Buglio, Chem 9T4, MASc Chem 9T8
Carol De La Franier, 8T2 Metallury 8T2
David M. Dimmer, EngSci 7T8
Peter Eng, Comp 8T2
Gregory Evans, Chem 8T2, MASc Chem 8T4, PhD Chem 8T9
Mark S. Fox
Nadia Gibbons
Nick Gowland, EngSci 1T7
Veronica Golianu, Mech & Ind 7T6
Peter R. Grant, MASc Aero 8T6, PhD Aero 9T6
Adam C. Gravitis, EngSci 0T6, MEng 1T8
Leslie A. Grife
Simon C. Grocott, EngSci 9T1
Christopher P. Harris, Mech 8T6 and Nadine Harris, Chem 8T7
Brendan A. Heath

Richard J. Heystee, Geo 7T6, MASc Civil 7T9
Glenn D. Hibbard, PhD Materials 0T2
Robert Hill, Chem 8T7
William D. Hollings, EngSci 8T5
Jeffrey Hsu, Mech 9T8 and Caroline Y.C. Chen, Comp 9T9
Joseph (Songhuan) Huang, Mech 1T7, Meng 1T8
Albert Huynh, Chem 1T3
Robert D. Ito, Elec 9T0
Richard T. Ives, Mech 7T2
Alim Jiwan, EngSci 1T4
William R. Jones, EngSci 6T8, MASc Aero 7T0
Bryan W. Karney
Mark T. Kortschot, EngSci 8T4, MASc Chem 8T5
Barry P. Kozluk
Illan J. Kramer, PhD Elec & Comp 1T3
Jennifer Lancaster
Robert A. Lane, EngSci 5T4
Robert J. Leask, Elec 5T7
Howard Lee, Elec 6T5
Ka Chun T. Liu, Elec 9T1, MASc Elec & Comp 9T4
John W. Loach, Mech 7T7
Arturo Lotito, Ind 9T0
Eddy Lovrek, Elec 9T4
Catherine MacNeil
Robert Maier P.Eng., Mech 8T2
Viliam Makis
Laura Maniago
Ian McCausland, PhD Elec & Comp 5T8
James E. McIntosh, EngSci 6T2
Teresa Miniaci
Gina Mollicone-Long, Chem 9T3
Bruce Mori, Civil 8T5, MEng Civil 8T8
Bernard Mulligan, Ind 5T4
Shannon K. Osborne, Ind 0T6
Michael S. Page
Robert M. Panko, Elec 7T2
Jeffrey Parsons, Chem 8T6
Ronald M. Peterson, Civil 6T3
Kristin Philpot
Jason R. Primeau, Comp 9T9

Li Qian, Elec 9T3, MASc Elec & Comp 9T6, PhD Elec & Comp 0T0
Steve Radbourn
Parimal Rawal, Elec 8T0
John W. Roeleveld, Geo 8T7
Michael I. Rotenberg, Mech 1T2
George S. Rowan, Ind 8T4, MASc Mech & Ind 8T7
John Rynn, Civil 8T7
Mehdi Shafiei, ECE 0T9
Carlos Sanchez, Mech 9T4
Chen Shao, Comp 1T2
Anthony N. Sinclair, EngSci 7T6
Brent Sleep
Arlene S. Smith
Kevin Soobrian
Alyssa Sooparlie, Civil 1T3
Sarah K. Steed
Michael Suppa, Meng Civil 1T5
Leonard B. Swartz, Materials 8T2
Andrew J. Szonyi, MASc Chem 5T8, PhD Chem 6T2
G. Takata, Mech 5T0, MASc Mech & Ind 5T1
Donald A. Taylor, Civil 6T6, MASc Civil 6T7
Dennis J. Teskey, EngSci 6T2
Heather A. Tippin, Civil 8T5
Michaela Tudor
Christopher F. Twigge-Molecey, MASc Mech & Ind 6T9, PhD Mech & Ind 7T2
Michael Venditti, Elec 8T0, MEng Elec & Comp 8T7
Saqib Verma, Elec 0T6
Shantanu Verma, Chem 9T9
Alice G. Vivian, Chem 5T2
Petre S. Voinigescu, PhD Elec & Comp 9T4
Rachel Louise Wallace
Neal P. Walters
Peter Weiss
Andrew W. Willerding, Elec 9T0
David S. Wilkinson
Helen L. Wojcinski, Civil 8T7
Albert Wong, Mech 7T9
Sanford Shi Pei Wu, EngSci 1T3
Boze Xu, Civil 1T6
Xiang S. Yu, EngSci 1T3

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