Engineering Alumni Network (EAN)

Safdar Mahmood headshot

Safdar Mahmood (ElecE 0T3), President, Engineering Alumni Network

Alumni are a vital part of every university community. For more than 100 years, the Engineering Alumni Association (EAA) maintained a strong bond between Skule™ alumni, students and the Faculty. To better reflect and reinforce the richness, strength, diversity and inclusiveness of the entire Skule™ community, and to differentiate it from other organizations with the same acronym, the Executive Board has made the decision to rename the organization as the Engineering Alumni Network (EAN).

The EAN isn’t an association you have to join — you, and nearly 50,000 of your fellow U of T Engineering graduates, already belong to this incredible community of peers. And we want to encourage you to engage with your EAN community and to take advantage of its many benefits.

You are our most passionate champions and ambassadors, and we are incredibly fortunate at U of T Engineering to have such a nurturing community, both past and present, from which to draw support. And we want to ensure your positive engagement continues well into the future.

The EAN is a great resource for advancing careers, discovering volunteer and mentorship opportunities, and reconnecting with the Faculty and alumni at reunions and alumni events. We want you to know that the EAN will always be a part of your journey, wherever engineering may take you.

Your first step in establishing a lifelong connection to the EAN is to sign up for U of T Engineering CONNECT, a new online social media platform for the EAN community. By joining, you will enrich your professional and personal networks and enhance the experiences of current students and fellow alumni.

Please also ensure that your contact information is up to date. Soon afterward, you’ll receive Skule™ news, publications, event information and discounts, and other EAN perks.

We look forward to seeing you at EAN events in the near future.

About the EAN

The EAN’s main function is to maintain the strong ties between alumni and the greater Skule™  community. It does this through its:

To understand the functions of the EAN and how it operates, please read the EAN Terms of Reference.

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