Borrow Space – Skule Perks

Aspiring to host an event in downtown Toronto?

When the campus is open again, as a graduate of U of T Engineering, you are welcome to borrow The Myhal Centre's room 646.




10 seated, 20 standing


10 Sofa Chairs with attached surface, 4 electrical wall outlets and 4 in the floor, long cabinet, view overlooking Saint George Street facing west. Attached to the Alumni Attractor (MY 650) / kitchenette area and the Data Benches suite.

Submit an INQUIRY FORM if you wish to book the space.



Need a place to do a little work while downtown?

Want to meet up with fellow Skulemates? You are welcome to drop in, or let us know prior if you plan ahead - we are here 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday to let alumni in to...

The Alumni Attractor (MY 650) and the Data Benches - convenient, cozy and quiet places to pass a few hours.   Let us know you are coming by to utilize a work station / carol by emailing

Alumni Attractor (Myhal Centre, room 650)


Data Benches, suite 652

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