Ardagh, Edward Gowan Russell

0T1 Mining (SPS) 
Inducted: 1984 

As Professor of Applied Chemistry in the newly formed Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry at the University of Toronto, Edward G. R. Ardagh (1879-1967) quickly demonstrated his strong analytical chemistry bent via a series of published papers in the field of inorganic chemistry. His interest extended into the area of organic chemistry and into development of techniques for approaching perfection in certain analytical procedures. His lectures, strongly supported by sometimes quite elaborate experiments performed with considerable élan, were models of the kind to be expected from an excellent and uncompromising teacher (though a strict disciplinarian).

He also played an important role in professional affairs, which lead his chairmanship of the Toronto Section of the Society of Chemical Industry (1919-1921); his services on the Council of the Association of Professional Engineers and as Assistant Editor of the Chemical Abstracts; and his election as Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (1929).

After Edward’s retirement in 1942, he established the Ardagh Scholarship in Chemical Engineering in honour of his parents.