Banks, H. R.

BASc, PEng
1914 Mining 
Inducted: 1985

H. R. Banks (1891-1959) led a distinguished career in the field of mining and metallurgy. Most notable was his development of a method for large-scale tin recovery from waste tailings.

From 1931-1956, he served as Superintendent of Consolidated Mining & smelting Co., and then as a Metallurgical Consultant until 1959; however, his career is not the only honour he earned. He was awarded the Engineering Alumni Medal (1949) and the Inco Medal (1954). He developed the Canadian Institute for Mining and Metallurgy and chaired the 6th Commonwealth Mining and Metallurgy Congress (1957). He also served on the Canadian Expeditionary Force (1916-1918) as Captain and earned the Military Cross.