Chadwick, Richard Ellard Carden

1906 Mechanical Diploma 
Inducted: 1982 

Richard Ellard Carden Chadwick was ambitious to design and build difficult and adventurous construction projects. This ambition was more than fulfilled through the Foundation Company of Canada Limited which he helped to found, and of which he became President and Chief Executive Officer.

Under Chadwick’s leadership, the company became the largest of its kind in Canada, constructing vast projects from sea to sea across Canada, such as the Distant Early Warning line in the Canadian Arctic. Overseas, the Foundation Company built the Canada-India Reactor in Bombay. During World War II, 1000 plywood invasion barges, 24 steel freighters and defense installations helped the Allied Victory.

A subsidiary company, Foundation Maritime Limited, sent gallant ocean going salvage tugs to rescue ships in distress on the high seas during peace and war.


  • Shipshaw Power Development built in 18 months
  • Awarded Julian C. Smith medal by Engineering Institute of Canada (1953)
  • One of Canada’s Nation Builders