Challies, John Bow

CE, DEng, LLD, PEng 
1903 Civil Diploma 
Inducted: 1981 

John Bow Challies organized the Hydrometric survey for the Canadian Government. He was Chief Hydraulic Engineer of the Department of the Interior. As Director of Water Power and Reclamation, he supervised basic water resource surveys and general power studies covering Canada’s principal rivers. Challies also consulted on matters relating to International Waterways on behalf of the Department of External Affairs.

In 1924, he joined the Shawinigan Water an Power Company, which he retired from as Senior Vice President in 1952. Challies was President of the Engineering Institute of Canada in 1938.

In 1963, he was awarded the Engineering Alumni Medal.


  • Contributed greatly to improvement of Canada’s water resources
  • Engineering Alumni Medal (1963)
  • Represented Canada at International Engineering Congress, San Francisco (1915), and at the World Water Power Conference, London (1924)