Cousins, Edward Lancelot

BASc, CE, PEng 
0T6 Civil Diploma 
Inducted: 1984 

Edward Lancelot Cousins (1884-1961) was Chief Engineer and General Manager of Toronto Harbour Commission from its inception in 1912. He was responsible for the planning and development of Toronto Harbour and waterfront until his retirement in 1946.

Edward served with distinction in both world wars; first as member of Imperial Munitions Board in 1915, and in 1940, he was commissioned Wartime Commander – Atlantic Ports. He was a member of the Order of the British Empire and was later promoted to rank of Commander of the same order.

A recognized authority on the development and operation of marine ports and installations, Edward’s consultation and advice was sought for regarding the development of many world class ports, such as Port Authority, New York City.


  • A member and officer of many professional and technical associations and institutions
  • A contributor to national and community organizations.
  • The Toronto Harbour is his living monument