Dudgeon, Earl Howard

BASc, MASc, DEng (Hon) 
4T8 Mechanical 
Inducted: 1994 

Earl Dudgeon is one of those Skule grads who have been privileged to shape the whole profile of engineering and scientific research in Canada, in addition to notable personal accomplishments in nuclear power and transportation.

The professional echo chamber of Earl Dudgeon’s creative powers was Canada’s National Research Council, which he joined after a stint with Metropolitan-Vickers in Manchester. When he retired as Vice-President Engineering in 1990, he left a decisive mark on Canadian engineering research, on value for money in public programs and on the whole wide scientific interface of government and business. In these accomplishments, he was aided by a measure of character and persuasive charm given to few other people.

Earl Dudgeon’s research contributions focused on heat transfer and fluid mechanic problems in support of Canadian industrial priorities.  This included early research on heat transfer in nuclear fuel elements, industrial aerodynamics related to metallurgical processing, lubrication for high speed rotors and combustion and testing procedures for aircraft gas turbines.

His talents as a leader and research director let his appointment in 1987 as Vice President Engineering of NRC. This position is Canada’s No. 1 engineering job, managing some 800 research engineers and organizing cooperative ventures with research colleagues in private firms.


  • Engineering research on heat transfer and fluid mechanics in support of Canadian industrial priorities, including nuclear power generation, metallurgical processing and gas turbine development
  • National Research council leadership in collaboration with the private sector on scientific research, establishing the current basic policies of NRC—with emphasis on industrial benefits and gains to Canada
  • Engineering Alumni Medal of the University
  • Engineering Medal of APEO
  • John B. Stirling Medal of the Engineering Institute of Canada
  • Honourary doctorates by the University of Toronto and Ottawa University
  • A forward-thinking and effective engineer, liked and respected, who left a permanent mark on the organization and management of Canadian engineering for the benefit of all Canadians