Duggan, George Herrick

8T3 Civil (1883)
Inducted: 1989

George Herrick Duggan’s (1862-1946) prime skills appeared both over the water and upon it, for his bridge engineering and yachtsmanship alike won international acclaim. After an SPS postgraduate year and CPR’s BC Mountain Division (1884-85), he moved East to begin a long, varied and eminent career with Dominion Bridge Co., and many other organizations. He was Chief Engineer of St. Lawrence Bridge Co. during the completion of the Quebec Bridge (1917). Notable pioneering included electric-welded steel assembly and vast improvements in papermaking machinery.

Noteworthy contributions came through high office in professional bodies, which were broadly acknowledged:  Royal Humane Society Medal (1893), Honorary Doctorates from Queen’s University, University of Toronto and McGill University (1919-21), Duggan Medal, established by ETC in 1935.

His yachting skill, both in design and sailing, was known all over the continent. He was involved in several famous clubs (founder, member and/or officer), and during 1896-1901, he brought fame to Canada by winning the International Cup in a vessel of his own design.