Forward, Frank Arthur

BASc, DSc, PEng 
2T4 Chemical 
Inducted: 1978

Frank Arthur Forward (1902-1972) devoted his entire career to the field of metallurgical research and teaching. After graduation, he sought experience abroad and then joined the Department of Metallurgy at the University of British Columbia in 1934. After one year, he became Department Head, a position he held until 1964.

In 1949, his services were sought to work out a radical method to leach low-grade Lynn Lake nickel ore with chemicals instead of smelting it with heat. This hydrometallurgical method culminated in the establishment of the profitable Sherritt-Gordon Nickel Refinery at Fort Saskatchewan.

In 1964, he became Director, Scientific Secretariat, Privy Council of Canada. His numerous awards and honours include the Inco Medal (1960), the McCharles Prize (1955) and the Engineering Alumni Medal (1963).


  • Devised successful new method of nickel recovery from low-grade ore.
  • President of Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy