Hamilton, Chester Brown

BASc, ME, PEng 
0T6 Mechanical Diploma 
Inducted: 1979 

Chester Brown Hamilton (1884-1953) was founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hamilton Gear and Machine Company in Toronto. He contributed much to the Allied effort during World War II through his company, including the development of a substitute bronze for worn gears in order to conserve tin, which was scarce at that time, and offering all industry the free rights to utilize the analysis. He became renowned for his work in the development and production of herringbone gears and transmissions for industry.

He was always very active in many professional and technical societies.  As a life member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, he was instrumental in forming the Ontario Section of the Society. He also held memberships in the Engineering Institute of Canada, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers of Great Britain, the American Society of Tool Engineers, the American Society for Metals, the American Welding Society and the American Society for Testing Materials.

As a representative for the Canadian Standards Association to the American Standards Association, he served on the Joint Sectional Committee (with ASME) on Gears and with the Lubrication Committee of the ASA. He was also involved with the ASME gear standards sub-committees as well as serving with the American Gear Manufacturers Association.


  • Canadian and international leader in the development and production of industrial gearing
  • Author of Hamilton’s Gear Book which continues, in its current edition, to be a standard reference book in the industry