Haultain, Herbert Edward Terrick

CE, PEng 
8T9 Diploma (1889) 
Inducted: 1977 

Herbert Edward Terrick Haultain (1869-1961) greatly influenced the world’s mining industry through his research and teaching. The superpanner and infrasizer, two of his inventions, made ore dressing a more efficient operation and were soon in global demand. His graduates in Mining Engineering became leaders in their profession.

He originated and supervised a program of occupational therapy for World War I veterans.

Herbert’s conception of the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer, with aid from Rudyard Kipling, resulted in the first Ritual being held at Camp I, in Toronto, in 1925. The Ritual is only for Canadian Engineers and reminds them of their obligation to maintain high professional standards.


  • First undergraduate President of the Engineering Society (1888-1889)
  • Leader in the field of mining and ore dressing
  • Helped found the Technical Service Council of Ontario
  • Proposed idea of Iron Ring Ceremony, which started camps across Canada