Hawrylyshyn, Bodhan

5T2 Mechanical 
Inducted: 1987 

After immigrating to Canada as a farm labourer from his native Ukraine, Bohdan Hawrylyshyn worked at various jobs to support his education. He joined Alcan after graduation, and his management potential was recognized and he was sent on a course at the Alcan-founded International Management Institute in Geneva, Switzerland. He later became a faculty member at the Institute; in 1968, he was appointed Director.

Bodhan has lectured at numerous universities, international conferences and to professional groups in over 40 countries. He has also served as a consultant to international organizations and to the boards of transnational corporations.

Author of several publications and over 30 articles in the field of management, he is Director of one of the world’s leading management schools. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the International Federation of Institutes of Advanced Study and a member of the Club of Rome.


  • Director of the International Management Institute in Geneva
  • Author of several books and over 30 articles in the field of management
  • An influential participant in many fields, UN Relief, Club of Rome and Rehabilitation (Germany)
  • Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science