Hiscocks, Richard Duncan

BASc, DSc, LLD, PEng 
3T8 Engineering Physics 
Inducted: 1983 

Richard Hiscocks joined the National Research Council as a Structural Engineer, and was later appointed head of the NRC Structures Laboratory. In 1945, he joined the deHavilland Engineering staff, and within a short time was appointed Chief Technical Engineer. He had a major design responsibility for a number of deHavilland aircraft, including the Chipmunk, Beaver, Otter, Caribou, Buffalo and Dash 7 models.

In 1969, he was appointed Vice President, Scientific, at the National Research Council, responsible for industrial research and promotion. His research and scientific experience led to his appointment in 1970 to President of Canadian Patents and Development.

Hiscocks scientific contributions and design capabilities have been recognized by his selection for the McCurdy Award in 1953, and his election to President of the Canadian Aeronautic and Space Institute, 1964-65.


  • Major design responsibility for the design of many deHavilland aircraft
  • President of Canadian Patents and development
  • President of Canadian Aeronautic and Space Institute