Hogg, Thomas Henry

BASc, CE, DEng, PEng 
0T7 Civil 
Inducted: 1977 

Thomas Henry Hogg played a leading role in the development of Hydro-Electric Power in Ontario.  He joined the Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario in 1913, and after a series of responsible appointments, became Chairman and Chief Engineer in 1937, serving in that capacity for the next 10 years.

Following his retirement in 1947, he became an advisor and planner of further vast power developments on the Niagara and St. Lawrence Rivers. He was retained as a consultant for projects in Brazil and several Canadian Provinces.

In 1940, he became President of the Engineering Institute of Canada, and he received the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario Gold Medal in 1959.


  • Outstanding leader in the field of Hydro-Electric Development
  • Served with Canadian Section of Joint Board of Engineers of the St. Lawrence Waterways Project