Langford, George Burwash

2T3 Mining 
Inducted: 1978

As an Engineer, George Burwash Langford (1898-1977), felt a strong sense of public responsibility that led him into many fields of interest.

In his early years, George practiced mining geology internationally and in Northern Canada.  In 1937, he became Professor of Mining Geology at the U of T. He headed the Department until 1960, at which time he became Director of the Great Lakes Institute. Through his efforts, the Institute dedicated itself to a complex program of research on the Great Lakes, and the waters thereof.

As a consulting mining geologist, professor, and public servant, George contributed greatly to international mining development, the creation of the Great Lakes Institute and the Ontario Association of Engineering Technicians and technologists.


  • Helped develop Canada’s mining industry
  • Started Great Lakes Institute
  • Awarded the Canadian Engineers Gold Medal by the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers