Leworthy, John Vernon

3T7 Electrical 
Inducted: 1985 

The recipient of numerous scholarships during his university days, John Leworthy’s technical and management abilities became evident early in his career. He played a vital role in Canada’s development of telecommunications. His lifetime career with Bell Canada encompassed design, construction and management at all levels and was characterized by making advances in technology and in senior administration. His technical competence gave him the name of “Mr. Technology” with Bell Canada, and he was responsible for creating one of the best communication networks in the world.

His work in Newfoundland led to his appointment as a Director of the Newfoundland Telephone Company. His leadership with the Trans-Canada Microwave System, his development of the Mid-Canada Line, the Sage, Buick and other defense projects, and his emphasis on computer communications are but a few examples of his activities with the Network.

Under Bell-Federal government contracts he made a significant contribution to the continental defense systems of NORAD and NATO. With the advent of satellite technology, he became a strong advocate of such services, particularly for Canada’s northern regions.

Academic honours and broad extracurricular participation (Permanent Class President) led to high-level involvement in alumni and professional bodies.


•    Development of the Mid-Canada Line, Sage, Buick and other defense projects
•    Important work on the Trans-Canada Microwave System
•    Director of the Newfoundland Telephone Company