Macklin, Harold Lawson

4T3 Civil 
Inducted: 1988 

A Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto for a number of years, Harold was also the President and Chairman of the Board of Marshall Macklin Monaghan, a company that deals with urban and industrial development, mining projects, surveying and general engineering.

As a Director of Cansult, a consortium of Canadian consulting engineers, he participated in a number of major engineering projects in foreign countries, involving sewerage systems, highways, airports, industrial parks, harbor facilities and other major works.

Harold’s many engineering and “Second Mile” activities have been recognized through the awards he has received: the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Medal (1977), Julian C. Smith Medal (1978), James A. Vance Award (1983) and Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada and of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering.


  • Directed a number of major engineering projects including sewerage plants, airports, industrial parks, harbour facilities
  • Professional involvement in mining projects in northern Canada
  • President of the Engineering Institute of Canada (1984-1985)
  • Captain in Royal Canadian Engineers