Mathers, Alvan Sherlock

1T7 Architecture 
Inducted: 1983 

Alvan Sherlock Mathers (1895-1965) took a leading role in the design of many of Canada’s outstanding buildings, some of which comprise Toronto’s current skyline. His partnership with Eric Haldenby produced many building designs, which earned prestigious honours and awards.

Several University of Toronto buildings, including the Best Institute, Sigmund Samuel Library and Whitney Hall were the result of Mr. Mather’s design efforts, as were the United States Consulates in Toronto and Quebec City. His genius for restoration can be observed in the library of Parliament and the West Block of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa.

In addition to his design work, Mr. Mather’s found time to become President of the Toronto Board of Trade, Chairman of the National Capital Commission and President of the Ontario Society of Architects in 1937 and 1938.

In 1959, he was the second Canadian to be elected as a corresponding member of the Academie D’Architecture of France.


  • He greatly improved the physical image of Canada
  • Building excellence attracted international attention
  • Firm of Mathers and Haldenby ascended to architectural leadership