McIntyre, Robert Billo

3T6 Mechanical 
Inducted: 1987 

Following his BASc, a Massey Fellowship took Bob McIntyre to Cambridge England for studies in aerodynamics, and where he learned to fly with the Cambridge University Air Squadron.  Returning to Canada, he joined the faculty of the University of Toronto where he taught Mechanics and Aeronautics. During World War II his talents were borrowed to assist in the production of Mosquito aircraft at Massey-Harris and deHavilland.

Following the war, McIntyre was engaged in a long Engineering and management career with deHavilland, including guiding the Caribou aircraft program through certification, organizing and managing the Special Products Division that later became known as SPAR (of CANADARM fame).

McIntyre’s abilities were later devoted to aviation market research and marketing and contributed significantly to every deHavilland Canadian-designed aircraft  after World War II.

His contributions have been recognized by his election as a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, and Fellow of the Canadian Aeronautical and Space Institute.


  • Established the Special Products Applied Research Division which later became the SPAR organization, a name coined by him
  • Strong contributor to the development of deHavilland Dash 7 and Dash 8 aircraft
  • Guided deHavilland aircraft through the complex certification program