Mok, Alvin

Alvin Mok (EngSci 0T3)Alvin-Mok-web is the Head of Investment Insights at Orbis, a global investment management firm with USD40B+ under management. He is responsible for leading a team of business analysts and data scientists to mine alternative data for investment insights. In addition, he also manages various technology teams around the firm and drive firm-wide technology and innovation strategies. Prior to joining Orbis, Alvin was an Engagement Manager at McKinsey Hong Kong, where he was actively involved in high tech and infrastructure practices. Earlier in his career, Alvin was a venture capitalist, held positions in Microsoft, and founded his own startup whilst being a student at the University of Toronto. He also holds a MBA from Harvard Business School (Baker Scholar). Alvin has made a significant contribution to Skule student life through the establishment and continuing support of the Orbis Challenge, an annual hacking contest designed to inspire and encourage young people to explore their programming talents, creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. He has also been a lecturer and mentor to U of T Engineering students.