Monsaroff, Adolph

3T4 Chemical
Inducted: 1994

The University honours Adolph Monsaroff for his long and fruitful career in the production and marketing of chemicals in Canada, in a career progression that led to the presidency of Domtar Chemicals Ltd. and thereafter to Director of Industrial Research at McGill.

On graduation he joined Mallinckrodt Chemical Works, doing research on bismuth salts, and quickly became a manufacturing executive. This work continued under Monsanto in polystyrene and polyvinyl chloride plastics, and several industrial chemicals. Later, the list included vinyl film, sheeting and coated fabrics and polyurethane foams. By 1977, he was Vice-President of Domtar Limited and head of its chemical operations.

Then, in 1977, Adolph Monsaroff began a second career when many other people would have retired. He was appointed Director of Industrial Research at McGill University. There, his experience and industrial connections brought many benefits to the university program. He was made an honourary graduate of McGill.


  • Early contributions to the development, production and marketing of chemical products in Canada
  • Creation of new linkages between research in the university and its business outcomes, at McGill
  • A rich record of communication in education, public service and social benefit, including persuading Domtar to contribute the land needed for the Canadian Railway Museum in Montreal
  • Many contributions to the work of the Chemical Institute of Canada, leading to his presidency in 1974-75. He was also active in the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, including the organization of two international conferences
  • A varied life beginning in Russia in 1912, including a lifelong devotion to education, with poetry and music as avocations. And with it, a host of friends and admirers of his dedication and capacity for doing things
  • A man of many parts, with two careers comprising both industrial production and the management of academic research, both pursued with distinction and good will