Moore, Robert Frank

4T5 Mining 
Inducted: 1993 

From an initial base in mining Engineering and geology, Bob Moore became a widely respected Industrial Engineer with a practice extending through more than 400 projects in Canada and elsewhere. As a pioneer in the application of Methods-Time Measurement concepts, and a very popular management consultant with Peat Marwick Stevenson & Kellogg, he made outstanding contributions to higher Canadian standards of industrial productivity (i.e. production planning and inventory control, quality control, work measurement and standards in plant and office, wage incentive plans and labour-grievance arbitration).

In his capacity as a Director and Senior IE partner in the consulting firm, and after 1987 in his own practice, Bob Moore contributed to the profession in the Institute of Industrial Engineers, in the MTM Association of Standards and Research, in the APEO, and especially in the employment and guidance of young engineering graduates of the University.

He served the University for over 30 years as President of the Engineering Alumni Council, Chairman of the Varsity Fund and Member of the Governing Council and the Faculty Council, Applied Science and Engineering.


  • Fellow, MTM Association for Standards and Research (1978)
  • Annual Robert F. Moore Thesis Award in Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering (1987)
  • Fellow, Institute of Industrial Engineers, Atlanta (1988), plus an annual award from the Institute for the best student chapter in the annual CSIE Student Conference in Canada