Morrison, Robert George Kerr

BASc, PEng 
2T3 Mining 
Inducted: 1980 

Robert George Kerr Morrison was a pioneer in the study of Rock Mechanics, and his work led to the methods of limiting the incidence of dangerous rock bursts in mining. After military service in World War I, he graduated from U of T, and worked briefly in the mines of Northern Ontario and Central Manitoba.

Morrison’s work called him to the mines of South India where he spent the next two decades, coupled with advisory service to South Africa and Tanganyika. It was in the deep mines of India, with their problem of rock bursts, that he gained the experience to devise methods to reduce this hazard.

While in India he served in the Representative assembly, and Legislative Council of the State of Mysore.


  • His studies have led to safer mining methods
  • World War I – RCE, RNAS, RAF
  • MacDonald Professor of Mining Engineering at McGill University (1949)
  • Author of numerous publications, and in wide demand as a consultant