Robertson, Cameron

Cameron-Robertson-webPassionate about inspiring public interest in science, technology, and environmentally conscious engineering, Cameron Robertson (EngSci 0T8, UTIAS MASc 0T9) has made it his mission to make flying safer and more accessible for everyone. As Director of Engineering of Air, a division of tech company Kitty Hawk, he is helping to make the dream of personal flight a reality. In April 2017, Kitty Hawk introduced the Flyer, an electric personal aircraft that doesn’t require a pilot’s license, which will soon be available commercially. Prior to Kitty Hawk, Cameron co-founded Aerovelo Inc., an engineering firm dedicated to increasing awareness of sustainable solutions to society’s most pressing technological challenges. Robertson and fellow co-founder Todd Reichert (EngSci 0T5, UTIAS PhD 1T1) built the first successful piloted flapping-wing aircraft  Snowbird, the Sikorsky Prize-winning human-powered helicopter Atlas, and the fastest human-powered vehicle on earth, the Eta speedbike.