Ross, Robert Alexander

1890 Electrical 
Inducted: 1990 

Robert Ross had the distinction of being the first (and solo) graduate of the School of Practical Science, University of Toronto, in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in 1890. He obtained the Professional Degree of Electrical Engineering in 1896.

Ross was Works Engineer with Canadian General Electric in Peterborough and Sherbrooke for four years, and then Chief Electrical and Mechanical Engineer, Royal Electrical Co., Montreal for three years.

From 1896, Ross became a Consulting Engineer, R.A. Ross and Co., Montreal, during which he acted as a consultant on major projects in China, India, Straits-Settlement-Russia, Finland, Scotland, Australia and the U.S.A. He also acted as a consultant at various times to most of the larger cities and municipalities throughout Canada.

Robert Ross was a founding member of the National Research council, 1916, and its Chairman in 1921-22. He acted as member, council member, Vice President and President of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers (EIC).

Ross was appointed to the board of Engineers to investigate power rates in Quebec City, and to the Gregory Royal Commission on the Ontario Hydro, Chippewa-Niagara Development.


  • Founding Member of the NRC
  • Honourary D.Sc. from the University of Toronto
  • Sir John Kennedy Medal from EIC (1934)
  • Consultant to many of the larger cities and municipalities in Canada