Runciman, Arthur Salkeld

1T1 Mechanical Diploma 

Arthur Salkeld Runciman (1880-1973) made significant contributions to Canada’s telephone system. After his graduation, Arthur gained experience with electrical power companies in Western Canada and with Marconi Wireless Company on Trans Atlantic wireless research. In 1921, he became Chief Engineer and Superintendent of transmission lines at Shawinigan Water and Power Company. There he paved the way for multiple communications on telephone lines strung along high-tension live circuits. Such developments helped make possible the Trans Canada Telephone Systems, which was inaugurated in 1932.

Arthur was awarded the Engineering Alumni Medal in 1939, the first year that it was presented. In 1945, he was President of the Montreal Branch of the University of Toronto Alumni.


  • Pioneer in multiple communications on telephone lines
  • Greatly helped to develop Canada’s telephone system