Seeley, Larry

Larry-Seeley-webLarry Seeley (ChemE 6T6, MASc 6T8, PhD 7T2) is one of Canada’s foremost experts in mining and metallurgical processes. Through a spectacular commitment to research, pursuit of innovative technologies and strong entrepreneurial skills, he has taken companies from start-ups to world leaders. Larry Seeley was with Falconbridge Limited in various roles, including manager metallurgical technology, manager Falconbridge smelter, director metallurgical operations in Sudbury, vice president, environment, and officer of the company. He was president and CEO of Lakefield Research Limited growing the company from about 120 employees to 1,000 employees with operations in Canada, Australia, Chile, Brazil, and South Africa. He was president and CEO of Recapture Metals Limited producing gallium, indium, and rhenium with operations in Peterborough and Nappanee, Ontario; Blanding, Utah; and Stade, Germany.

Key to his success in building great companies has been his ability to hire and develop talent, and in particular his focus on promoting and supporting women in engineering and leadership roles. He has devoted considerable time and expertise to fostering Canada’s capacity for teaching and research for future generations, in advisory roles and through leadership in governance at several Ontario post-secondary institutions, including University of Toronto, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Trent University, Cambrian College and Science North.

Seeley has received numerous awards, including the Gold Medal Engineers Canada, Gold Medal Professional
Engineers Ontario, President’s Gold Metal of CIM, Entrepreneurship Award Professional Engineers Ontario, Silver
Medal Canadian Metallurgical Society, Industrial Practice Award of the Canadian Society of Chemical Engineers,
and International Award of the Society of Chemical Industry. Seeley was inducted into the Engineering Hall of
Distinction in the University of Toronto and is an honoree life member of Science North and governor emeritus of
Trent University. He was president of the Canadian Metallurgical Society and also the Canadian Society of Chemical
Engineering. He is a Fellow of CIM, Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering, Fellow of Engineering Institute of
Canada, and a Fellow of Engineers Canada.

Currently, Seeley is chair and CEO at Seeley Group Ltd. The Seeley Group for the past six years facilitates investments
and development in commercial real estate, solar energy production, mining exploration, and protein production
from canola.

He has a BASc, MASc, and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto and a Diploma in Business
Administration from Laurentian University.