Shenstone, Beverley Strahan

BASc, MASc, PEng 
2T8 Mechanical 
Inducted: 1982 

Beverley Strahan Shenstone (1906-1979) was the first graduate of the aeronautical option of mechanical engineering. His entire career was devoted to aircraft research and development. In 1929, he started with Junkers in Germany. In 1932, he joined Napier Supermarine in the United Kingdom, where he collaborated in the design of the world-renowned Spitfire fighter aircraft. Aided by its superior maneuverability and firepower, dauntless pilots of the Royal Air Force achieved victory in the Battle of Britain.

During the Second World War, Beverley was involved in aircraft design and production on behalf of the British Wartime Air Commission. After the war, he was a consultant to several large aircraft companies, including Canadair, A.V.Roe (Canada), British European Airways and British Overseas Airways Corporation. He was president of the Royal Aeronautical Society for 1962-63. In 1966, he was awarded the Engineering Alumni Medal.


  • Spitfire played major role in air defense of the United Kingdom during the Second World War
  • Contributed to the design of Canadair’s North Star aircraft