Smith, Victor George

BASc, PEng 
2T4 Electrical 
Inducted: 1979 

Victor George Smith was one of the great teachers and devoted servants of the Faculty. He was born in England and emigrated to Canada at age 10. He served with the Canadian Armed Forces during World War I and was wounded at the Somme before his sixteenth birthday.

After graduation, he joined the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto where he remained until his retirement in 1967. He specialized in electric circuit theory and computers.

Smith’s keen mind and his exceptional ability in mathematics made him particularly suited to formulate methods of using the computer to solve a wide variety of problems.

His lectures were characterized by precision and care, long to be remembered by his students.


  • Excellent teacher of Electrical Engineering
  • Developed computerized system of marks accounting at the Faculty
  • Victor George Smith
  • World War I Canadian Army