Stoicheff, Boris Peter

BASc, MA, PhD 
4T7 Engineering Physics 
Inducted: 1988 

Boris Stoicheff is author and co-author of more than 150 papers on lasers, optics and spectroscopy. After his graduate work at the University of Toronto, he conducted research at the National Research Council in Ottawa. He later became a Professor at the University of Toronto.

Boris Stoicheff was Visiting Scientist for a year at MIT and then for a year at Stanford University. He has assumed leadership responsibilities on numerous Canadian and international technical committees.

His contributions to technology have been acknowledged by the many honours that have been awarded to him: the Centennial Medal of Canada (1967); Officer of the Order of Canada (1982); Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (1965) and the Royal Society of London (1975); Fellow of Massey College (1979); Geoffrey Frew Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science (1980) and Honourary DSc, University of Skopje and York University (1982).


  • Constructed the first ruby laser in Canada
  • Determined the structure of approximately 30 molecules
  • Authored and co-authored over 150 papers on physics
  • Chairman of numerous Canadian and International Committees
  • Recipient of numerous awards and fellowships