Tanenbaum, Joey

BASc, CM, KM, Doctor of Engineering (Hon.), Doctor of Commerce (Hon.), PEng, FCSCE 
5T5 Civil 
Inducted: 2008

An open-handed executive engineer who directed his talents to the welfare of humanity.

Joey Tanenbaum’s engineering career started long before he received his iron ring. Today his outstanding business achievements have helped fund a wide-range of educational and civic philanthropic initiatives.

Joey enrolled in Engineering in 1950 while working at York Steel Constructions, his family’s firm. While working there Joey launched a series of contributions to the erection of structural steel helping his family’s firm become the leading Canadian enterprise in this business. It also propelled him to the position of CEO of York Steel in 1978. After some time in the industry, he founded Jay-M Enterprises Ltd., which includes LOC-Pipe Inc., one of the leading manufacturers of gravity sewer pipe and other precast concrete products. Some of his business ventures include Hugh Russell Reliance Steel and Hydro Pontiac. His outstanding business achievements demonstrate his impeccable technical and managerial skills.

Joey’s generosity and commitment to the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto funded the first Endowed Chair and helps support a number of need based and academic scholarships for Civil Engineering.

  • Class of 5T5 Honour and Distinction Award for Philanthropy.
  • Fellow of the Society for Civil Engineering.
  • University of Toronto Arbor Award.
  • Order of Canada.
  • Past Chair of Hydro-Pontiac Inc. and Pembroke Electric Light Co.
  • Queen’s Jubliee Medal.