Titus, Olcott Wood

1917 Electrical 
Inducted: 1984 

After meritorious service overseas in World War I, Olcott Titus graduated in 1918 and joined Standard Underground Cable Co. in 1920, which became part of Canada Wire and Cable in 1929, progressing from wire and cable design to Chief Engineer and in 1948 was appointed General Manager of C.W.&C. Operations. Subsequent responsibilities included President and Vice-Chairman of the Board until he retired in 1969.

Titus was undoubtedly the outstanding cable Engineer of his generation and was consulted during the decades of the 30s, 40s and 50s by all the major manufacturers and users of high voltage cables. He was not only a fine Engineer who kept abreast of all the modern Engineering concepts involved, but he had the confidence to apply them in new designs which contributed to the quality and reduced costs of high voltage distribution systems.

There were many cable firsts, some still in continuous commercial service. From the early 30s, the first 60 kV underground cable, Montreal; 220 kV overhead transmission, Leaside to Burlington; first 120 kV oil-filled cable in Canada 1941; first 120 kV aluminum sheathed oil-filled cable in the world, Montreal, 1950; first 345 kV cable in North America, Kemano, 1954; and many others.

During his 40 year career, the steady growth and maturity of Engineered and marketed products of Ollie’s Canada Wire & Cable benefited every Canadian utility, city and industry, including steel, petro-chemical and mining operations.

He was, beyond his calling, a man of many attributes, a Fellow of the AIEE, a member of the U of T Senate, member of the Board of Governors of Waterloo University, Past President of the Board of Governors of the Toronto East General Hospital, Member of EIC, APEO and Military Engineers Association.  A humane and compassionate supporter of education, medicine and charities and belief in his fellow man.